We have a huge range of hard to get semiconductors including:
Complete Jap / Euro transistors 2SA , B , C , D range E.G.: 2SD1880 , 2SC3306 etc
Most audio amp modules and vertical deflection circuit IC’s E.G.: LA7831 , STK4231II ( Pioneer 100W Amp )
Large range of FET’s for Switch mode circuits E.G.: 2SK1358 , 2SK1117, MTP12N20L etc

OPA541AP  OP-Amp used in in San Francisco Rush $25.00 ea AUD

High voltage monitor capacitors

Hard to find LM323 5Volt 3Amp Regulators ( Used in Williams / Bally Pinball’s ) LM12CLK Motor Driver ( Cruisin USA )

35AMP Pinball Bridges with wire legs KBPC3504W , LM388K ( Regulators used in Cyclone )

12 volt 80 x 80 x 25 ball bearing fan $15.00 ea AUD

Many obsolete and hard to find IC’s , Transistors and more , contact us you might be surprised what we have or can source for you