Monitors / Chassis

CRT monitors , TV’s , LCD’s, All types of Arcade / Coin-Op monitors or basically if it has a screen we will fix it!

  • Most common arcade type monitors repaired or exchanged including Kortek, Pentranic, Orion, Wells Gardner, Glendale, Philips, Rodo, Nanao, Sanwa , Makvision, Vision Pro, Neotec, Toshiba, Hitachi and many others.
  • LCD monitors all Types and Brands.
  • TV’s repaired including Philips, Pioneer, Mitsubishi, Hitachi ,Toshiba etc

Click on the picture if the chassis you are looking for looks familiar , All of these chassis are the most common types repaired or exchanged at Jomac
There are many chassis listed here that can be used on several different CRT’s or can be modified to replace a faulty chassis if damaged beyond repair.
Flyback Transformers for most of these chassis are carried in Stock and can be purchased as a spare part.


Toshiba PB-6643 Toshiba PB-6643 29″ 15-25K
Toshiba R-1781 Toshiba R-1781 29″ Pure Flat 15-31K (Initial D 3)
Toshiba DS-7209A Pure Flat 29 Toshiba DS-7209A 29″ Pure Flat 15-31K (Max Tune 2)
Sanwa PM1730B & PM1736A Sanwa PM1730B / PM1736 19-27″ CGA
Sanwa_SegaPM11745 Sanwa / Sega PM1745 29″ 15-25k
Sanwa_Loson 20CMG25 Sanwa /Loson 20CMG25 Early 20″ CGA
Fenice-14.28-CGA Fenice F-14.28 CGA
Fenice F28C CGA 27″ 28″
inervideo_vp Intervideo VP Series CGA
inervideo_ls Intervideo LS Series 220v 25″ ~33″ CGA
NT2701 Neotec NT2701
K7201 WG-K7201
Wells Gardner D-9200 WG D9200 Series
WG-U5000 WG U-5000 15-25k
Wells Gardner 4900 20- 25″ 25K Super Sprint
WG-Williams WG / Williams Pinball 2000
Kaga-Nanao KZ-20EN-L Kaga /Nanao/ Sega KZ-20EN FB: MSH1FAC02
Kaga-Nanao KZ-20ES-L_No-T503 Kaga /Nanao/ Sega KZ-20ES FB: MSH1FAC11A or MSH1FAC13
Nanao MS8-26A 15-25K
Nanao MS8-26A / SU 15-25K
Nanao MS8-29FAN Nanao MS8-29FAN 15-25K
Nanao MS8-29FSG Nanao-MS8-29FSG 15-25K
Nanao MS9-29A-T-SU Nanao-MS9-29A / T / SU 15-25K
Nanao MS7-20L 20″ 110v CGA
Hantarex MTC-9110 25″
polostar Hantarex Polo Star Series 15-38K
Hantarex-Polo2 Hantrarex Polo 2 15-25Khz
Pentranic_Rodotron_CH288 Pentranic / Rodo CH-288 15-25K
Glendale Glendale / Eygo 728
Toei TC-A292T_Front Toei TC-A29CT 29″ 15-25K
Toei TC-HV25 25″ 110v CGA
Wei-ya M1820HR Wei-Ya M1820HR CGA
Wei-ya C2938 Wei-Ya C2929 / C2938 15-38K OSD
Wei-ya C3129A Wei-Ya C3129A 15-31K
Kortek KTM-F20 CGA
Kortek 20 inch Freevoltage Kortek KTN-F20 Freevoltage 20″
Kortek KTM 20 Kortek KTM-20 110v CGA
Kortek Copy of Nanao MS720L Kortek 20″ Copy of Nanao MS7-20L
Kortek 20 inch Freevoltage Kortek KTN-20 110V CGA
Kortek KTM 20 Kortek KT-20 20″ 110v CGA
KTM-F KTX SharpImage Kortek / Sharp Image KTM-F/ KTX series
Kortek KTX26 Kortek KTX26 26″ 110v CGA
Kortek KTX26 Kortek KTX26 FreeVoltage 26″ 90~265v CGA
Entron ET-999A Entron ET-999A
20" AWA AWA 20″ CGA / Also TV chassis
Orion A1 Orion A1 CGA
Orion PWB 2012-PWB2022 Orion 2012 / 2022 20″ CGA
Orion PWB-2018 Orion 2018 Early 20″ CGA
Ducksan 1301 Duckscan 1301 Series
Universal Chassis Universal Chassis 13~21″
Free Voltage, CGA for 8, 10 pin CRT’s
Suitable for Standard and Pure Flat Style