Other Services

We repair and convert all types of arcade equipment on request , Pinball machines overhauled and repaired , All Brands of Pinball MPU/CPU boards , Driver and display boards available!
Redemption / Prize machines all types from general to the most in depth board repairs.

All types of board repairs, specializing in SMD ( Surface Mount Devices ) and BGA Technology.
IC Programming , If it can be programmed or can be read we have a huge data library and range of programming adapters to suit a wide range of devices.
All types of Arcade game computers used in a huge percentage of machines (Excluding MAME).

We can Offer

  • Game conversions , upgrades and repairs of all types
  • Pinball Overhauls , repairs and all types of servicing as required
  • All Pinball boards are repaired by us and carry a full 3 month warranty!
  • Power supplies repaired or exchanged , including 3 month Warranty for $35.00 ( Peter Chou )
  • All sorts of electronic repairs not listed here are available , call us you will be surprised what we can fix